Urban and Campus Middle Race - Riccarton

Heriot-Watt was initially established in 1821 to provide practical knowledge of science and technology to Edinburgh’s working men. It became a university in 1966, and began the development of a new campus on the Riccarton Estate, to the south-west of the city.

The campus area now includes various blocks of student accommodation, a business park, a hotel, Scotland’s elite Oriam Sports Performance Centre facility and the UK’s first FlexBIO flexible downstream bioprocessing centre, all set in attractive parkland. The campus is adjacent to the Hermiston Park and Ride and is served by buses from the city centre.

Running surfaces will be a mix of paved surfaces, unpaved paths and natural terrain, including significant areas of grass and runnable woodland.

The competition area is predominantly flat with some gentle gradients.

Today’s race is a counter in the Scottish Orienteering Urban League (SOUL).

Final Details

  Type of event
Middle, campus. Scottish Orienteering Urban League (SOUL) counter
  Day Event Centre
Oriam, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh Campus, Edinburgh EH14 4AS Open from 14:15 ‒19:30
55.909407, -3.3159257    ///train.ages.brand
  Start times
There is one Start location today, 250m from the Day Event Centre. There will, however, be two separate start kites taped from it – one for courses 9 and 10 with a marshalled road crossing on the way to the flag; the other start kite is for all other courses. The Start Team will keep you correct. Plenty of space for a warmup on the way to the Start.
  Courses close
New map for WOC 2024. 1:4000 and 1:3000, with 2.5m contours, mapped to ISSprOM 2019-2 v6 (Peel Land Surveys 2023) with additional survey and cartography by Alasdair Pedley 2024.
The fan zone at Riccarton will be right in the middle of the Sprint Relay action and will feature food, retail, music and a big screen so you don’t miss any of the racing
All courses cross areas of grass and potentially small areas of woodland. Shorts and flat shoes are fine but if wet some areas might be slightly slippery. Metal spikes/dobs are not permitted. No restriction on clothing.
Traffic on the campus is generally light but there will be marshalls at certain road crossings and at the campus bus stop to ensure no orienteers get off here. There are no timed-out legs. There are areas with narrow paths and gaps with some blind corners – please take care as runners could be approaching these from different directions.
  Special Information
If you are using an SI card versions 5 and 8 and are entered for Course 1 then your course has more controls than that card’s capacity. We will lend you an SI-Air card for the day at no charge if you are affected, to be collected on the day at the Day Event Centre.
Most courses have several artificial barriers marked with a mix of tape and trestles. These must not be crossed, and marshalls will be in place. The last couple of controls, drawn on the map as small black circles, are special man-made features.
Today’s race is a counter in the Scottish Orienteering Urban League (SOUL). Please note that any Scottish Orienteering or British Orienteering members M85+ must do “Open Course 7” today if they wish to gain points in the SOUL.
Junior ages are ages on race day. Under 12s on 14 July 2024 can only do Course 10 unaccompanied. Under 16s on 14 July 2024 can do either Course 9 or 10 unaccompanied. Any adult shadowing must run their own course first.
Helen Bridle (ESOC)
Paul Caban (INT)

Course Lengths

Course NumberClassLength (km)Climb (m)ControlsScale
1M18, M20, M Open, M356.785351:4000
2aM40, M45, M506.170281:4000
2bW18, W20, W Open, W355.955281:4000
3M55, M605.350281:4000
4W40, W45, W505.245241:4000
5M65, M704.545271:3000
6W55, W604.025261:3000
7M75, M80, W65, W703.620231:3000
8M85+, W75+3.535221:3000
9M/W Under 162.925221:3000
10M/W Under 122.220201:3000

Travel Information

  Parking: Park at Hermiston Park and Ride (free parking) – check for height restrictions on tall vehicles. You must walk the final 800m to avoid entering the competition area. The route will be taped along the pavement going south from the parking.

  From Pollock Halls: No direct bus from Pollock Halls. Take the #2 or #33 bus (3 an hour) from the “Commonwealth Pool” stop, and switch to the #25 bus (4 an hour) at the “Caledonian Village” stop on Dalry Road. This will take you to the “Hermiston Park and Ride” stop. You must walk the final 800m at avoid entering the competition area.

  From central Edinburgh: Take the #25 or #34 bus (6 an hour) from Princes Street to the “Hermiston Park and Ride” stop. You must walk the final 800m at avoid entering the competition area.

It is a 15-minute walk from Hermiston Park and Ride to the Day Event Centre at Oriam.

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