Race Schedule

The race schedule is likely to be as follows (all details to be confirmed):
  • Friday
    a.m. Sprint Qualification / p.m. Sprint Final.
  • Saturday
    Rest Day
  • Sunday
    a.m. Sprint Relay
  • Monday
    Rest Day
  • Tuesday
    a.m. Knock-Out Sprint Qualification / p.m. Knock-Out Sprint Finals


Bulletins will be published here as pdf documents at the appropriate time. Bulletin 1 (preliminary information) will be published 24 months before the event (July 2022). Bulletin 2 (invitation) will be published 12 months in advance (July 2023). Bulletin 3 (event information) is due 3 months before the event (May 2024) and the final Bulletin 4 (additional event information) given on arrival of competitors.

Event centre

The Event Centre, including Media Centre, will be in the South Hall Complex at Pollock Halls, a short distance by Number 30 or 33 bus from the city centre.


The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) announced on 7 May that WOC 2020, scheduled to take place in Denmark, had been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic and would now be held in 2022.

As a consequence, WOC 2022, due to take place from 15 – 19 July 2022 in Edinburgh has been rescheduled and will now be held in 12-16 July 2024.

In the meantime, WOC Scotland organisers have been in discussion with the the IOF regarding the easing of embargoes. In brief, until the opening of WOC 2022 in Denmark:

• Orienteers are allowed within the embargoed areas, but access is not permitted for activities such as reconnaissance of the embargoed areas; testing route choices; use of maps. Restrictions also apply within buildings.
• No orienteering of any kind may take place in the embargoed areas.
• Participation in established running events that pass through embargoed areas is permissible.
• No training is permitted within the embargoed areas. Running or cycling regular routes such as access to and from place of work or accommodation is permissible.

Fuller details can be accessed on the Eventor website https://eventor.orienteering.org/Documents/Event/3345/2/Embargo-details-updated-July-2020

All information about embargoed areas is to be found at IOF Eventor.


There will be several training camps and opportunities for athletes in advance of WOC 2024. Head over to our training page for further information here.

Previous maps

Edinburgh University Orienteering Club Routegadget features many of the possible race locations including King’s Buildings (2018-01-19), Central Edinburgh (2018-01-20) and Riccarton (2017-11-19). Note these are all embargoed.

Routegadget includes the Race the Castles 2014 World Ranking Event.

Ordnance Survey OpenData can be downloaded for free here as ESRI Shapefiles or GML3 with the most detailed information including OS Open Greenspace and OS Open Map Local. OS Terrain 50 is available either as a 50m gridded digital terrain model or 10m contours and spot heights.

OS MasterMap is the definitive source of highly detailed geographic data and can be purchased from various sources including getmapping.com and emapsite.com. Note that licence restrictions will apply to this data.

There is LIDAR data availability (circa 2010) for Edinburgh available in the public domain here. Note that the LiDAR data will require specialist knowledge and software for input into packages such as OCAD or OpenOrienteering Mapper


Pollock Halls of Residence are part of the University of Edinburgh and during the summer vacation there are over 2,000 rooms available. A range of room types is available, including single standard rooms, double or twin en-suite and self-catering 4-bedded ‘flats’. Various meal options will also be available. Preliminary bookings have been put in place to reserve all categories as described above.

Edinburgh is well used to dealing with significant numbers of visitors from around the world and offers alternative options should teams wish to arrange independent facilities e.g. extended stay in advance of WOC 2024. A list of hotels will be listed here closer to the time of the event.