Indoor Race - Kings Buildings

The Nucleus Building was designed as the new centrepiece of the King’s Buildings campus at Edinburgh University. It offers diverse learning environments and is located at the heart of the campus. It provides an inviting space for study and interaction. It features flexible teaching spaces including large flat-floor classrooms, adaptable lecture theatres and various study environments for both group and individual work, as well as a chemistry lab, social spaces, a café, breakout areas, and a retail area.

The Nucleus Building also establishes a major pedestrian route through the campus, linking the historic northern buildings to the central greenspace.

Final Details

  Type of event
  Day Event Centre
Ground floor of the Nucleus Building, University of Edinburgh King’s Buildings, Mayfield Road, Edinburgh EH9 3FG, Open from 9:30 ‒15:00. Bus number 9 goes directly into the campus. Follow the signs to the Nucleus Building.
55.92294, -3.17442    ///dates.inch.headed
  Start times
There is one Start location today. Pre-start is outside, adjacent to the main door. Warm up anywhere outside on the campus.
In the building
  Courses close
14:45 but note that you have a maximum of one hour to complete your course. With a very large entry this is to ensure that the building does not become overcrowded. We ask you to play fair and go to Download if you have not finished after one hour.
New map by Joe Hudd and Joe Sunley (EUOC). Scale 1:1000 with indoor symbol legend. Control descriptions on the map will only quote the control number today, not a description of the feature There will be no loose control descriptions but the control circle will have a small centre dot to show the marker placement. Blank maps will be on display to enable you to familiarise yourself with the unusual symbols and map layout.
Indoor shop, café and wrap bar in the building. The café is opening specially for us and offers a great selection of food and drink, please support them.
Metal spikes/dobs are not permitted. T-shirts and shorts are fine to wear as the building is quite warm.
Please watch your speed and take care on corners, slow and sure could be the best tactic. There are a number of electrical floor sockets which are no longer flush with the floor and so represent a trip hazard – these will be marked with black and yellow tape but take care too.
  Special Information
There will be artificial barriers on the courses marked with a purple line on the map and tape on the ground. You must not cross these barriers. Marshalls will be watching but we also rely on runners being honest. Use of the lifts/elevators is NOT allowed. There is an adjacent library which is out of bounds. Be aware that the general public and University staff/students are allowed in the building at the same time but these should be few in number.
Kit can be left along the outside of the building under cover. You may bring a club or family tent which can be pitched on grass near the front of the building.
No restrictions on which courses juniors can do.
Frank Townley (EUOC)
Roger Scrutton (ESOC)

Course Lengths

Course NumberClassLength (km)ClimbControlsScale
1M18, M20, M Open, M354.78 floors201:1000
2aM40, M45, M504.07 floors151:1000
2bW18, W20, W Open, W354.07 floors151:1000
3M55, M603.56 floors141:1000
4W40, W45, W503.56 floors141:1000
5M65, M702.75 floors141:1000
6W55, W602.75 floors131:1000
7M75, M80, W65, W702.34 floors111:1000
8M85+, W75+2.13 floors131:1000
9M/W Under 162.54 floors121:1000
10M/W Under 121.82 floors101:1000


Travel Information

  Parking: Parking: No on-street parking.

  From outwith Edinburgh: Park at Sheriffhall Park and Ride (free parking) and take the #33 bus (3 an hour) to the “Cameron Toll” stop – check for height restrictions on tall vehicles.
Alternatively use Straiton Park & Ride and the #47 bus (2 an hour) to the “Mid Liberton” stop (next to Cameron Toll shopping centre) – check for height restrictions on tall vehicles.

  From Pollock Halls: Walk 10 minutes to the “Newington Street” stop and take the #3 or #29 bus (10 an hour) to the “Nether Liberton Lane” stop (next to Cameron Toll shopping centre).

  From central Edinburgh: Take the #9 (3 an hour) from Hanover Street to the “King’s Buildings” stop within the campus.  Alternatively, take the #3 or #29 (10 an hour) from Princes Street to the “Nether Liberton Lane” stop (next to Cameron Toll shopping centre).

It is a 15-minute walk from the Cameron Toll bus stop (past Cameron Toll shopping centre) to the Day Event Centre at King’s Buildings.

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