The Sprint World Orienteering Championships 2024 will be delivered by teams of volunteers overseen by an Event Director, Assistant Event Director and Technical Director (paid part-time roles).  Other key roles within the Organising Committee include Finance Director, ICT Director, Volunteer Manager, Athlete Services and TV Coordinator as well as the WOC Tour Coordinators.  We are looking to fill various roles in the lead up to WOC 2024, and we welcome approaches from anyone who would like to play their part in helping stage this exciting event.

The event is being staged under the auspices of the British Orienteering Federation by the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Co Ltd (S6D). The Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA), a Registered Charity (registered in Scotland, with registration number SC043563), is the sole shareholder in the S6D.

A Steering Group consisting of the Event Director and representatives from S6D, SOA, British Orienteering, EventScotland, the City of Edinburgh Council and the University of Edinburgh provides an operational oversight and management control of the Championships.

Keith Dawson

Chair Scottish Orienteering Association

The Scottish Orienteering Association is delighted that the IOF have awarded the Sprint World Orienteering Championships 2024 to Edinburgh. We are confident that our organising team will stage an outstanding event in a city which offers so much in the fields of sport, culture and history and has great experience in hosting major events. The locations to be used for the WOC will provide a fitting challenge for a world championship competition, and our programme of spectator events will allow others to test themselves on the same areas.

In addition the hosting of WOC will provide a rare opportunity to present orienteering at close quarters to a wide audience in Edinburgh, Scotland and the rest of the UK. This will give us a most welcome platform for growth in the sport in our country.

We look forward to welcoming athletes, supporters and spectators to Edinburgh.

David Kershaw

Chairman Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Co Ltd

The Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Company looks forward to welcoming all orienteers together with their families and supporters to the Sprint World Orienteering Championships 2024 in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is one of the UK’s best loved cities, the capital of Scotland, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and in August each year is host to the world’s largest arts festival. It has many cultural attractions as well as a variety of top-class restaurants to enjoy which will help to make your visit a pleasurable experience.

Our ambition is to present WOC 2024 in a way that highlights the unique setting of Edinburgh. The ‘old town’ and other venues will present challenging sprint competitions and spectator races in stunning settings with views that can change round each corner.

Our team

Organising Team

Andy Mitchelmore Event Director

Jon Cross Assistant Event Director

Jon Hollingdale Technical Director

Bob Dredge Finance Director

Iain Smalls Arena Manager

Lindsey Knox WOC Tour Coordinator

Graeme Ackland / Jon Cross / Ross McLennan Planners

Graham Gristwood / Dave Peel Mappers

Rona & Jonathan Molloy Athlete Services & WOC Office

Lorna Eades Broadcast Director

Mark Stodgell IT Director

Ian Maxwell Training

Walter Clark Local Liaison Group Chair

Fiona Eades Graphics & Bulletin Design

Event Advising Team

Tony Thornley National Controller

Rob Hickling Assistant National Controller

Áron Less (HUN) IOF Project Manager/Senior Event Adviser

Jari Kymäläinen (FIN) Assistant SEA

Get in touch

If you have any questions or queries regarding the event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.