Statement on Scottish Orienteering’s appointment of Graham Gristwood as Performance Manager

Scottish Orienteering has appointed Graham Gristwood as Performance Manager. His role is aimed at supporting elite athletes and encouraging retention of orienteers aged 20-39 in the sport.

As Graham was Technical Director for WOC 2024 until October 2021, and is a WOC 2024 mapper, there is potential for the perception of a conflict of interest.

The situation has been discussed by the WOC 2024 organising team, the Senior Event Adviser and others at the IOF, and it has been agreed that Graham is able to continue as a WOC mapper, noting that:

  • Graham has signed, and continues to be bound by, a Non-Disclosure Agreement;
  • SOA have committed that “Graham will only be working on forest based support until after WOC 2024”;
  • Graham has stated “To allay any perception of conflict of interest, I want to make it clear that I will not be helping anyone prepare for WOC 2024, and I will not be involved in any sprint orienteering training or preparation before WOC 2024”.



Áron Less, IOF Senior Event Manager

Andy Mitchelmore, WOC 2024 Event Director

Jon Hollingdale, WOC 2024 Technical Director