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Event Schedule

The expected race programme and approximate timings are:

  • Friday 28th June
    SI Training – Poltonhall
    17:00-19:00 – Starts
  • Saturday 29th June
    Individual Sprint – Wester Hailes
    10:30-12:30 – Starts
  • Sunday 30th June
    Knock-out Sprint – Kings Buildings
    09:00 – Quarantine open
    15:00 – Prizegiving


Details of the embargoed areas for WOC 2024 can be found on the Event Information page.

Additionally, further reserve areas have been embargoed for the test races due to possible access issues, details of this can be found here.


  • Bulletin 1 (Preliminary Event Information) – due May 2024
  • Bulletin 2 (Final Event Information) – due June 2024

Event Format

  • Saturday
    Standard sprint courses with EWT of 13m 30s
  • Sunday
    No qualification round, 3 rounds of  head-to-head racing for all with promotion and relegation


Entries for this event must be made through National Teams.

Further details of how to enter will be available soon.


Organisers – Joe Hudd, Joe Sunley & Fiona Eades

Planners – Frank Townley (Saturday) & Graeme Ackland (Sunday)

Controllers – Steve Scott (FVO) & Colin Eades (INT)

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